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MAPLE GROVE by MEGAWORLD CORPORATION is dedicated to bring you the Next Shopping Destination and Central Business District in the South!

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As Cavite is undoubtedly the next-destination and option for those who want to veer away from the Metro Manila congestion, the leader in township technology – Megaworld masterplanned a complete community in the heart of Cavite.

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La Cassia Residences
Turnover on Jan 2025

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A 140 hectare self sustaining township composed of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, offices, commercials and retails, condominiums and villages. Bringing modern lifestyle amenities within your reach, Megaworld presents Maple Grove Megaworld Philippines - a gated residential community within General Trias, Cavite which transports residents to a modern asian paradise just outside the bustle of the city proper. 

Maple Grove will host a bustling business district, exclusive residential enclaves, and a vibrant commercial district hub. Designed to be a fully-integrated community that features the best of everyday necessities from work to leisure just like Makati. Nights in Maple Grove will never be boring with all the options for lifestyle and leisure to choose from.

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The Verdin

Turnover on Feb 2022

One Corporate Place

Turnover on July 2023

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